$150 Bat Program Sponsorship
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Your $150 sponsorship of Secret World of Bats helps Barrier Island Parks Society in our mission to inspire the exploration and preservation of our natural and historic treasures by sponsoring fascinating educational programs! It also supports The Bat Conservancy, dedicated to preserving and protecting Florida's native bat populations through public education and partnerships with other conservation organizations and government agencies.

In this presentation we'll learn that bats are fascinating mammals that play important roles in habitat diversity and health! Although many people are afraid of them because of superstition, folklore, and misinformation, this program exposes the secret world of bats and replaces the myths with facts about the "super-powers" that bats possess. We'll explore the places that bats live, what they eat, and why bats are so important to people! We'll discuss easy ways that anyone can help bats survive and thrive in yards and neighborhoods! We'll experience Florida native bats and Q & A with The Bat Lady after the program! 

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$150 Bat Program Sponsorship

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