Our Beaches are Alive!
Please join BIPS in this special program as Blair and Dawn Witherington share illustrated
stories from their newly updated book, Florida's Living Beaches Second Edition. Blair and Dawn
Witherington are professional naturalists. Blair is a research scientist with Inwater Research
Group and University of Florida. He earned baccalaureate and master’s degrees in biology from
the University of Central Florida and a doctorate in zoology from University of Florida. In 35
years of research, he has contributed numerous scientific articles and book chapters on sea
turtle biology and sandy beaches. Dawn is a graphic design artist and scientific illustrator trained
at the Art Institutes of Colorado and Ft. Lauderdale. Her art and design are prominent in natural
history books, posters, exhibits, and a line of sea-themed greeting cards. Together, Blair and
Dawn have merged their art, writing, photography, and design within a number of projects,
including several books on beaches, seashells, and sea turtles.

Blair and Dawn have sought to satisfy beach comber’s curiosity within four books on
southeastern US beaches. Subjects include beach processes, plants, animals, minerals, and
man-made objects. During the presentation, Blair and Dawn will delve into the popular
mysteries that abound and questions beachcombers often ask, including "What is this odd
creature? How did this strange item get here? Why does the beach look this way?" As ever-
changing ribbons of sand, our beaches foster unique life forms and accept beguiling castaways
from a vast marine wilderness. In their presentation Blair and Dawn suggest a series of “quests”
to highlight one’s beachcombing journey and to show how each visit to a beach is unique. Join
Blair and Dawn in the Woman's Club Room for an exclusive book purchase and signing
opportunity immediately following the presentation.
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Our Beaches are Alive!

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